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Ceramic body material grinding

 In ceramic production industry, the grinding cost is one of the biggest in the whole production costs. Such cost includes power cost & grinding media consumption cost. The power cost depends on the grinding time, while the grinding time depends on the density of grinding media. So the grinding media with higher density, low wear loss and low price is the best solution to reduce the grinding cost.
 According to the development of ceramic industry and our practical experience, the Iso-static medium alumina ball produced by roller kiln is the best grinding media for the production of ceramic. Due to the temperature difference is relatively smaller in roller kiln than that of shuttle kiln, so the quality of alumina ball fired by roller kiln is much more stable. AOKEROLA GROUP, the world's biggest grinding media manufacturer, is owning two world longest roller kiln for manufacturing high quality isostatic medium alumina ball. This alumina ball is considered to be the best grinding media to replace natural stone( including natural stone from China and France pebbles) due to its lower costs. This product has successfully help our customer in over 20 countries reduce their production cost. 
 Through years of experience as well as our frequent research. We are professional in providing proposal and consulting on how to choose the proper grinding media, how to reduce the milling time by loading the grinding medial with proper ratio. Upon requests, we will send you the “customer service sheet” for collecting some technical data. Proposal will be sent you after perfect study and design by our technical staff. Please kindly contact us for the issue of body material grindi.