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Principle of Mentality

To be ture, Never be false.
To be upright, Never be sophisticated
To be good to yourself, Never harm others,
To be active, Never be negative.
To be studious,Never be lazy.
To be thankful, Never be complaining.
To pay first, Never to gain first.

Principle of Work

To be ture, Never be false.
To be self-condemned, Never be evasive.
To be a team, Never be individual.
To be active, Never be passive.
To be precise, Never be careless.
To be number-oriented, Never excuse
To be stable, Never be fluctuant.
To be based on "procedure", Never be autarchic
To be managed by system, Never by rule of man.
To execute, Never empty talk.
To supervise, Never be out of control.
To evaluate, Never comment.