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  • Product name: High strength petroleum(natural gas)proppant
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  • Time: 2013-02-27
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  High strength petroleum(natural gas)proppant which is one kind of appropriative material in petroleum production industry is mainly used in deep-well fractured mining of oil and natural gas. The high strength proppant is filled into the terrane cranny of the low-infiltration bed and processed by high-strength close fracture,and then the oillness terrane will split. The cranny will not close with the support of the proppant and the oil&gas will emit from the cranny. So it can keep a high diversion capability, increase the output and longer the service life of the well.


After researching and improving the production technics of ceramic granule proppant`s,our company develop one kind of new type proppant. It is made through melting, molding and hot-treating by main material-bauxite and assistant mate-rial-special charging. This kind of proppant can demand of fracture technics and is the excellent one for mid-deep or deep well.

It has fine grade of finish and air permeability and it can not be pulverized compared with sintered

Ceramics granule. The main technical index is as follow:



Grain figure

Dihedral quotiety

Bulk Density

Pass rate of grain diameter

Break rate





1.85-2.05(g/ cm3)





1.It can be divided into 4 models based on grain diameter:1)Dia.1.25mm~0.9mm 2)Dia.0.9mm~0.45mm 3)Dia.0.45mm~0.225mm 4)Dia.<0.225mm

2.It can be divided into 3 models based on bulk density,moderate density and high density. It can be divided into 4 types bases on fragmentation-resistance and their anti-close press are 52Mpa,86Mpa and103Mpa,namely,7500Psi,10000Psi,12500Psi and 15000Psi.