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  • Product name: Alumina Packing Ball
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  • Time: 2013-02-27
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The alumina packing ball takes super fine alumina powder as main raw material and shaped by Iso-static pressures and rolling machinery and fired in tunnel kiln by high temperature. It is widely used as the packing and activator in petroleum and chemical industry. It is suitable for chemical fiber factory, alkyl benzene factory, aromatic hydri-carbon factory, ethylene factory , natural gas factory etc as the pad bottom fills in the material to catalyzes heavily to get one’s thing to ready replace ,isomerization device ,the shed methyl device etc.
ADVANTAGES OF ALUMINA PACKING BALL: High strength, good high temperature high pressure resistance, strong acid-alkali and erosion resistance and good heat shock stability. This product is specially used in high temperature, high pressure and strong erosion environment.




90 series


95 series

99 series

Al2O3 (%)





Fe2O3 (%)





Anti-compression strength





Rate of Water Absorption





Bulk Density





Stacking Density





Standard Size

Dia.1mm—Dia.30mm Dia.40mm.Dia.50mm Dia.60mm Dia.70mm

Remark: Other sizes are available upon request

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