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  • 产品名称: Roller Protective Coating
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  • 上架时间: 2013-02-27
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This kind of coating is some kind of Silicate Inorganic Matter, and has the advantages of low costs, handy use, and be applicable to all alumina ceramic roller. When using the coating on the surface of roller, the coating and roller will firmly adhere after drying, which is easily transported and changed. When the roller is in the kiln ,the coating will not crack, not break off,and has no reaction with roller itself. When exchange the roller, slightly beat the roller which is just taken out from the kiln, then the coating with glaze will break from the roller (this is called “ egg-shell effect”),while the roller has not damage. This effectively overcome some shortcoming of polishing or other method,and is considered to be new and ideal roller protective coating.
1.This coating has two layer: inner coating (white, gravity:1.4-1.5g/cm3)and outer coating (grey, gravity: 1.7-1.8 g/cm3) .Before using, respectively stir them, attention: they can not be mixed together when using. If the density of the coating is too big, please add a certain percentage of water for dilution, But do not cause the slime come to sediment.
2.Firstly, clean up the surface of the roller and then brush the inner coating, (thickness is controlled within 0.2mm, equal cover the roller, and try to use the brushing way), then brush outer coating immediately (do not wait for dry and brush it) so as to prevent the coating falling off itself. (outer thickness is controlled within 0.8-1.2mm),Generally speaking, brush two times or shower one time.
3.After brushing, let the roller dry naturally. The roller should be put against the kiln or on the top of the kiln for drying before it is inserted the kiln at least one or two days beforehand.
4. Insert the dried roller into the high temperature section/zone directly, do not pre-heat the roller in the low temperature section/zone in the kiln and then take it out to insert high temperature section/zone.
5. While replacing the roller, take the roller out of kiln and then beat it slightly after cooling. Following work is to peel the protective coating of sticky glaze from the body of roller .
6.This coating has good protective effect within 800℃-1300℃.then brush the protective coating over again for further use.