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  • Product name: Alumina Grinding Cyliner
  • Product number: 55
  • Time: 2013-02-27
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Dry grinding is the preferred technique used by the mining, mineral and ceramic industry for the simplest process design. Low productivity and high power consumption are typical problems and in a growing competitive environment this is becoming a major concern for many companies. The large variety of ores and minerals and the many different kinds of mills used makes it difficult to define general and reliable dry grinding rules. For effectively solving such problem, AOKEROLA will help our customer improve the efficiency of their dry grinding processes according specific situation of each company. For improving the shock resistant performance of grinding media to avoid the cracking to contaminate the material, excepting produce spherical grinding media, AOKEROLA can manufacture ALUMINA CYLINDRIAL GRINDING MEDIA made by special technology. The function index and standard size are as following:


OK 93

OK 95

Al2O3 Content %



Rate of Water Absorption %



Specific Gravity g/cm3



Hardness(Mohs Scale)



Anti-Compression Strength MPa






Standard Size (mm)

φ12×12 φ15×15  φ20×20  φ30×30  φ50×50

Remark: Other sizes are available upon requests.