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  • Product name: particle size analyzer
  • Product number: 12
  • Time: 2014-10-15
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1. Basic Specifications:

(1) Size range:0.1um-340um.

(2) Repeatability:<= 1 %( Deviation of D50 on Certified Reference Material CRM)

(3) Test time:1-3 minutes

(4) Obscuration8-40Obscuration show the degree of attenuation of samples to laser

(5) Test results:Cumulative PSD (data and graph);Differential PSD (data and histogram)Median (D50), Weights Average Size, Specific Surface Area etc.

(6) Power supplyAC220V  50Hz Power100W

(7) Light source: semiconductor laserwave length 635nm, power 3mw

(8) Data transmissionBy USB or RS232

(9) Computer and operating systemComputer with WindowsTM XP

(10) Printer: stylus, ink jet or laser printer that can work with Windows Operating System.

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